Academics / Clubs


There is something for everyone at Maya Group of Colleges!

Expand your college experience beyond the classroom by getting involved in one of the many activities available on campus. A variety of academic, social and special interest clubs and organizations offer exceptional leadership development opportunities.

Following is a sampling of Maya group of college campus programs and clubs:

Technical Club

The club has established raport with the TEKTRONICS INDIA. ROBO MODELING, ROBO WARS, HUMANOIDS etc. are some of the activities undertaken by the club. The Animation Club of MAYA gives you the platform to showcase, learn and develop skills to dabble with the virtual world. Competitions are also conducted regularly to put animators on their toes, or should we say fingers.

Tech Expo

It strives to stimulate innovative ideas among its members through its events ranging from Projectile Motion, Prastuti, Setu (Bridge Competition) ,Robotics events and a lot more. It exposes students to the latest happenings relevant to the field.

The team organizes various free hands-on workshops, seminars and practical sessions that help out students to know more about robots and build their own projects as well as help them in preparing them for various competitions. The team also organizes several competitions and events for various colleges across India.

We also aim to inculcate practical knowledge to the students by providing them a platform to change their ideas into innovations and develop their skills to compete with the present world of electronics.

Free Open Source Software Club

This club provides online courses on open source like LINUX, PERL, PYTHON, SCI- LAB etc. Value addition certification given to students on successfully qualifying the exam is paovided by IIT MUMBAI to the student / staff.

Sports Club

The college offers an extensive range of sports and fitness classes throughout the academic session.

The campus of MAYA is one of the most versatile campus with various activities and sports events conducted throughout the year. The students have access to various sports facilities such as basketball courts, badminton & tennis courts, football and a cricket field. Students can also be benefit from professional coaching available inside the campus.
Sports play an integral role in the overall development of students and due emphasis is laid on games and sports. Facilities for indoor games like: TT, badminton, volleyball, basketball exist and arrangements are made to send students to other colleges for outdoor games like cricket & football.

Frequent intra-level cricket and other matches are arranged. Our students actively take part in many college and university level sports meets and have made us proud by winning prizes.

Music Club

At music club has been formed to spread the joy of music. We provide music learning opportunities helping to develop the music in them to their fullest potential. Fully loaded with the music instruments, all in all We Rock!

Dance Club

We have students from different cultures from across India. We give them a platform in different forms of dance which make them open to various cultures and inhibit their traditions.

Theatre Club

Theatre is a self-motivating exercise. It brings out the hidden talent which an individual has been hiding for a long time and seeking for the opportunity to exhibit the same. Such activities motivate the student to take a step forward & helps in changing the students personality. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.The club is for the people who have an unquenchable thirst to be different.

The MAYA dance club is the most happening club in MAYA. Consisting of different teams like Classical, Hip Hop team, Bhangra team, Cinematics team, Bollywood, they leave the audience awestruck and “once more” is never enough!


The brilliant dancers have taken dance to a new level and won many laurels for our College. Our dancers have proved that dancing with the feet is one thing, and dancing with the heart is another!

The Music Club of MAYA consists of a bunch of extremely talented musicians who can bring tears to your eyes and touch your soul at one point and can make you head-bang in the craziest way at the next point, such is their talent. This club gives a platform for young budding talents to become the best in what they do. Our versatile performers never fail to inspire us each time they set foot on stage. Even their routine practice sessions blow our minds away!

SSB Club

Mentors the prospective students desirous to join the army, Navy, Airforce and Para – Military Forces. The classes are meant to strengthen the virtues of the students. The students have, on popular demand, raised this club.

Literary Club

The main aim of Speech and Leadership Club is to empower students to become more effective communicators and leaders. It helps to improve public speaking skills and leadership abilities, all in a positive and supportive environment. The club also organizes the speech and debate competitions on different issues.


Who is the Vice-President of India? How many times have you been asked this question to know its answer? This quizzy inquisitiveness is what the Quiz Club of MAYA is all about. A very popular club, they officially conduct many brain teasing quizzes over the year. Its members have not only brought knowledge to us, but have proved their own genius by carefully striking a balance between good and witty questions.

The English Literary Association of MAYA strives to hone the all round talents of an individual who wishes to master the universal language - ENGLISH. It facilitates a variety of events that engage you as a listener and a participant. Literary events like Debate, Quiz and a lot more events which serve as great platforms for the students of MAYA to exhibit their written and speaking talents. A possesses the seriousness associated with a literature club however it also possesses the fun, energy and enthusiasm associated with any college club.

Corporate Social responsibility Club

This also includes the corporate Social Responsibility of the group to indulge in Asan River Swachchta Abhiyan and provisioning of computer culture to the adjoining areas namely Sihniwala and Sahaspur. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is how the College addresses the social, economic and environmental impacts of its operations and helps to meet sustainable development goals. In line with its mission and values, Maya is very insightful to the impact of activities on its students, employees, as well as on the regional community and on the environment. Maya believes in giving back what it has gained from the communities. We consider the effect of our activities on the local community, and the CSR program very much reflects our commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. We aim to pursue our economic, social and environmental goals as one, keeping harmony with planet and people. At Maya, Corporate Social Responsibility is considered as a part of our culture.

Adarsh Gram Yojana which includes programmes like medicine reminder, solar cell etc

E-Village Programme

Students & faculty donate blood at blood donation camp.