Academics / Research & Development

Research & Development

Objectives of R&D Cell

To create state of the art research lab facility for young engineers to carry out research in interdisciplinary domains of engineering

Short Term Goals

  • To conduct Seminars & make small projects.
  • Seminar List & Project List to be available with each Department.
  • Faculty Publication List record to be available in the Department.
  • To provide solutions for project students, organize national level conference, seminar, Expert Lecture and workshops for students, faculty & staff.
  • To improve number of publications, quality of projects and file patents.

Long Term Goals

  • To set up R & D lab facility for Engineering.
  • To establish collaboration with national and international universities, research organizations and funding agencies to develop technology for commercial applications.
  • To apply and work on funded research projects sponsored by AICTE, VTU, DST, ISRO and DRDO and other funding agencies.
  • To encourage faculties and students to carry out research at the undergraduate level, post graduate level and research leading to Ph. D.

Censor Board

  • Prof. S.S. Sarin (Head)
  • Mr. Ajay Kumar (Member)
  • Dr. Shivani Jaggi (Head)
  • Ms. Sunita Bisht (Member)
  • Ms. Madhavi Kanojia (Member)