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  • Certificate And Diploma Courses On Disaster Management And Conflict Management With Joint Certification With Top International Institutes

In the recent past World has gone through many severe natural & Man Made disasters which took toll of human life in large scale. Our Neighbour “Nepal earth quake, Chora bari incident at Kedarnath, Peshawar Massacre, J&K Flood disaster being examples”, they all were sudden, unexpected and disastrous.

When we look back to these incidence, a certain feeling comes that human preparedness could have helped in saving a large numbers of human life, as people didn’t knew how to react in those disastrous circumstances.

The need of hour for the entire human race is to keep itself prepare to tackle any other such unavoidable natural/ man made disastrous, keeping this things in mind Maya group of colleges has come up with a new college purely dedicated to minimise loss of human life as well as to sustain in those specific circumstances.

With this series the chairman Mr. M. L. Juyal with his dynamic and new approach brought a new college into existence, named as, Maya College of Disaster & Conflict Management. Through this college he does not merely aim to create awareness amongst youths but to prepare them fully to defend themselves and others against the incidents like earthquakes and other natural & Man made disasters.

Conflict management minimizes the negative outcomes of conflict and promotes the positive outcomes with the goal of improving learning anywhere. With the help of this we will learn how to deal in such situation like One to one, One to many, or any unfortunate situations comes then dealing with that effectively.

The aim is also to study and prepare for all different levels of conflicts and their resolutions.

The college emphasises on personal fitness and discipline at the best and in that effort it aims to promote Traditional as well as modern Martial Arts, Archery, Boxing, Shooting and many more adventurous games. The college will promote sports in all different competition levels too.

Furthermore Maya college of Disaster & Conflict Management is looking for the collaboration with Israel to have the latest of Research and Development in this field.

Presently running courses

  • Intro to Disaster & Conflict Management (Compulsory for all the students of Maya Group.)
  • Kravmaga Courses
  • Survival course